Managing Director

Dr. Mark Hughes: Mark has specialised in consulting and technology commercialisation for the low carbon and sustainability sector since 1999. He has a strong background leading strategy and techno-economic modelling projects on renewable energy, electricity distribution, low emissions transport, infrastructure planning, resource management and consumer behaviour. Mark couples this with experience heading innovation and commercialisation of new technologies for the low carbon energy and transport industries as a fellow of Darwin College (University of Cambridge), the Oppenheimer Trust (University of Cambridge) and the Chevening Technology Enterprise Program (London Business School). Mark holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Cambridge and a Bachelor of Engineering (First-Class Honours and the University Medal). He has also authored a variety of peer-reviewed publications in the fields of energy and low carbon policy.

Head of Software Development

Daniel Noack: Daniel has over 15 years experience in developing bespoke software solution packages for businesses globally. He has led software development and consulting projects in a range of sectors for clients including governments, universities, law firms, software houses and recruitment consultancies. Daniel has an extensive background of development experience specialising in 3-Tier architecture systems, VB.NET, SQL Server development, data mining, multivariate regression analysis, probabilistic modelling, predictive analysis and simulation development. He also holds a Bachelor of Computer Science and 11 Microsoft certifications in various technologies.

Specialist Associates

Technology Industry Specialist

Michael Cowell: Michael is a senior engineer with experience in several leading electronics design firms. He has led a number of innovative design projects in the consumer space, which have achieved millions of units of sales. His primary area of expertise is wireless radio design, but he also has an interest (and published work) in the area of processor design. Michael maintains a broad set of related skills, including supervising an open source project (Rachael SPARC) and developing Android applications. He holds both a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts.

Materials Modelling Specialist

Dr. Gerhard Goldbeck: Gerhard is an experienced materials modelling and software business development professional. Gerhard is Director of Goldbeck Consulting and specialises in materials modelling project management and business development for science and engineering software. Previously, Gerhard was Product Marketing Director at Accelrys where he was in charge of materials modelling software and also set up the Nanotechnology Consortium – a global, industry-funded initiative that developed new multiscale modelling tools. Earlier roles include Assistant Director of Research at the University of Cambridge, Senior Scientist at Molecular Simulations, and Research Associate in Polymer Physics at Bristol University. Gerhard holds a Ph.D. in Physics and also a Diplom in Physics.

Energy Specialist

Dr. R. Vasant Kumar: Dr. Kumar has over 15 years of research experience in the areas of materials chemistry synthesis, electrochemistry, sensors and energy devices. He has worked as a consultant and collaborator with Oxis Energy and with Ufa Academy of Sciences and has also founded two companies manufacturing electrochemical sensing and safety instruments: EMC and Solution4Hydrogen. Dr. Kumar is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Cambridge and has also been awarded an Honorary Professorship at Hebei Polytechnic Institute, a Visiting Professorship at Huozhang University of Science & Technology and an Honorary Doctorate of Engineering by the University of Malaysia. He is the Editor-in-Chief of “Trans IMMC” and has published over 150 papers along with several books and patents.